Lubricants for work equipments

We look after your power tools and each of their component parts

Your machines require care, just as all their components and the fuel that provides the motive power call for the maximum level of attention. Efco lubricants, from the oils to the Alkylate petrols and the greases and protectants ensure a long working life for your products, plus easy maintenance and constantly excellent performance levels.

ADDITIX 2000 special additives for petrol and diesel fuels

Special additive ADDITIX 2000

CHAIN LUBE guide bar and chain protector

CHAIN LUBE guide bar and chain protector

Multipurpose concentrated degreasing detergent

Multipurpose concentrated degreasing detergent

Alkylate petrol for 4 stroke engines and special mixture for 2-stroke engines

EFCO-Mix Alkilate

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