Backpack blowers

Designed for use in extensive areas and offering optimal performance levels, the Efco SA 2063 and SA 9010 backpack blowers are powerful and efficient machines with high air velocity and output flow rates.

Ideal for clearing duties in rural areas including farmyards and forecourts, to move fruit or other produce as soon as it falls from the tree, and also in urban contexts such as parks, stadiums, flowerbeds and roads.

Efco backpack blowers tackle the most demanding jobs with ease: low weight and, above all, a lightweight blow-moulded polypropylene backpack frame make these tools extremely comfortable and practical. In addition, the extremely modest noise levels mean that they can be used in all types of surroundings, including residential areas. The throttle, which is ergonomically located on the blower tube, makes these tools exceptionally easy to operate.

Also, model SA 2063 is equipped with a large-size paper filter with a rubber carburettor connection hose, ensuring the maximum efficiency of the machine even during prolonged operations in very dusty environments.

SA 9010 model features exceptional balance thanks to the weight distributed on the shoulders, the cushioned back support and padded straps; the standard equipment includes two terminal tubes (circular and rectangular section) for an even wider range of uses.