Hand-held Blowers and Vacuum cleaners

Efco hand-held blower and vacuum cleaner model SA 3000 is the perfect tool for people needing to remove leaves, trash or cutting residues from their garden. This model is suitable for use in urban surroundings thanks to its low noise emissions and the lowest weight for this category on the market.

Also the rubber handle helps to isolate the operator from vibration while simultaneously offering a safe and comfortable handhold.

The knife, with its 4 steel blades, supplied as part of the standard equipment, minimises the volume of collected material in the bag, thus increasing continuous working time. The paper air filter, reusable and easy to clean, assures the maximum engine protection when the tool is used in places with high dust levels.

The specific conversion kit allows model SA 2500 to be transformed into a vacuum cleaner using the blower tube in suction mode and a 36 litre collection bag.