Backpack brushcutters

Backpack brushcutters are recommended – and exceptionally comfortable – for operations such as clearing ditches, escarpments and woodland undergrowth on sloping and uneven terrain. The ergonomic backpack, with height-adjustable shoulder straps and lumbar support in breathable material, guarantees unparalleled freedom for working and moving.

Model STARK 4410 BP is designed to allow trouble-free brushcutting operations also in difficult surroundings. This machine guarantees exceptional efficiency through time, with constant performance levels.

Models 8535 ERGO and DSF 5500 are designed to accompany the user's body when bending and rotating the torso sideways; they feature a removable handle that is rotatable through 360° and they are also equipped with a 4-spring antivibration support for a positive and comfortable user experience. And there's more: in the presence of potential danger, the operator can disengage from the machine easily thanks to the quick release mechanism (8535 ERGO).
A steel crankshaft, large-size air filter and two-ring piston, available on all models in the range, guarantee a long working life of these machines.