Professional chainsaws

Efco professional chainsaws are particularly suitable for felling and sectioning large size trees. The steel engine and piston with 2 rings are a guarantee of high performance also over periods of prolonged use and in all working conditions. The cylinder with decompression valve ensures easy starting without recoil kick-back, while the antivibration carburettor mount guarantees complete stability.

The variable advance digital coil with speed limiter and flywheel with a newly designed fin profile aid smoother running of the engine and improved cooling, even in hot climates.

Thanks to the automatic and adjustable aluminium oil pump, the oil flow rate can be adapted in accordance with the activity to be performed, thus avoiding wastage. The handle/fuel tank assembly is separate from the body of the machine, to keep the fuel temperature lower and reduce the transmission of vibration. In addition, the multifunction lever opens the way to a new level of simplicity and ease of use (model MT 6510).