Pruning chainsaws

The pruning chainsaws, available in models MTT 2500 and MTT 3600, are professional power tools designed for use by trained operators engaged in cutting medium size limbs and in tending woodland, olive groves and orchards.


The chainsaw has a hook so the operator can attach it to a belt loop, leaving hands free for climbing to reach branches in positions that are hard to reach with mechanical means. These machines are equipped with an eco-friendly low-emission engine protected by a double air filter in foam and nylon, and they feature a high-speed high-power chain for clean and accurate cuts without damaging bark.

Model MTT 2500 is the high-end machine thanks to its combination of high power, low weight and easy handling. Engine starting has been facilitated by the ‘Easy On’ system, while the Primer makes for easy starting also from cold. Apart from its practicality and functionality, this model, like the MTT 3600 version, features exclusive all-Italian styling developed by Giugiaro, world leading brand in the industrial design field.

Maintenance is simplified by the filter cover with tool-free opening. The aluminium oil pump assures optimal lubrication of chain and bar, even in the most demanding situations.