The perfect balance of power, reliability and cutting quality

Selection Guide

From low delicate hedges to thick and impenetrable vegetation, Efco hedgetrimmers respond perfectly to all types of requirements.

For maintenance and gardening activities, also in the proximity of homes, we recommend our electric hedgetrimmers with power from 600 to 700 Watts since, in addition to their low noise operation, are extremely easy to handle; the 180° adjustable handgrip makes it possible to work easily even alongside walls with the hedgetrimmer held at an angle.

Conversely, particularly thick vegetation and hedges call for the use of petrol engine hedgetrimmers with power in excess of 600 Watts and steel blades to guarantee perfect results. These models, which are designed for intensive and continuous use, are suitable for both private users who need to trim large size hedges, and also for groundcare professionals.

Conversely, our professional hedgetrimmers and models with shaft are perfect for groundcare professionals needing a product that guarantees impeccable performance even in the most complicated application conditions.

Electric hedgetrimmers

TG 605 E

Electric hedgetrimmers

TG 750 E

Battery-powered hedgetrimmers

TGi 45

Professional hedgetrimmers

TG 2650 XP

Professional hedgetrimmers

TG 2460 P

Professional hedgetrimmers

TG 2800 XP

Professional hedgetrimmers

TG 2470 P

Professional hedgetrimmers

TGS 2800 XP

Shaft hedgetrimmers

DS 2400 H

Shaft hedgetrimmers

DS 2410 H

Professional hedgetrimmers

TGS 2470 P

Shaft hedgetrimmers

DS 2400 HL

Shaft hedgetrimmers

DS 2410 HL

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Technology and Comfort

Cutting and pruning are activities that call for precision and confidence. Efco hedgetrimmers, the synthesis of power and practicality, guarantee the clean cuts that are essential to preserve the beauty of the hedge while also keeping the vegetation healthy.

All models are equipped with the “EasyOn” and “Primer” devices for easy starting, even in low temperature conditions. The Emak 2-stroke engine is a synonym of exceptional performance, also in case of prolonged use; in addition, the vibration damping system allows the operator to work comfortably and in absolute safety.

1. Clean and accurate cuts.
Thanks to the high quality blades, suitable for all types of vegetation.

2. Long life and low vibration.
Aluminium gearbox, drive linkage with pinion carried in bearings, and connecting rods with roller bearings.

3. Zero effort with “EasyOn”.
Thanks to the “EasyOn” system.

4. Swivel handle with 5 positions from 0 to 180°.
Handle that allows the tool to be used also in an angled position (TG 2460, TG 2470, TG 2650).

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5. Protected engine.
Generously sized paper filter for enhanced filtration capacity.

6. Anti-vibration system.
For total isolation of the operator's hands (TG 2460, TG 2470, TG 2650, TG 2800).

7. 12 different blade positions.
Optimal working position guaranteed (DS 2410 H, DS 2410 HL).

8. The last word in safety.
Electric motors with double safety switch on the handgrip.

Maintenance Guide

Properly executed maintenance of your hedgetrimmers means that your tool will always be in perfect working order. Follow these simple rules:

  • Check the cutting blade periodically. If worn, contact a service centre.
  • After each trimming operation clean the blade and spray on a thin film of light oil to protect from rust.
  • Sharpen the blade periodically with the special file provided.
  • Clean your hedgetrimmer with a rag or brush.
  • On petrol engine models inspect the air and fuel filters. Clean the cylinder fins regularly with a brush or a jet of compressed air.
  • Check the spark plug, electrodes gap and the condition of the exhaust silencer (petrol engine models).
  • Every 20 working hours grease the gearbox/drive linkage.
  • Keep a constant check on the spark plug gap.