From low delicate hedges to thick and impenetrable vegetation, Efco hedgetrimmers respond perfectly to all types of requirements.

For maintenance and gardening activities, also in the proximity of homes, we recommend our electric hedgetrimmers with power from 600 to 700 Watts since, in addition to their low noise operation, are extremely easy to handle. The 180° adjustable handgrip makes it possible to work easily even alongside walls with the hedgetrimmer held at an angle.

Conversely, particularly thick vegetation and hedges call for the use of petrol engine hedgetrimmers with power in excess of 600 Watts and steel blades to guarantee perfect results. These models, which are designed for intensive and continuous use, are suitable for both private users who need to trim large size hedges, and also for groundcare professionals.

Conversely, our professional hedgetrimmers and models with shaft are perfect for groundcare professionals needing a product that guarantees impeccable performance even in the most complicated application conditions.