High-pressure washers

There are multiple uses for high-pressure washers: from cleaning of outdoor spaces around the home, including the garden and garage, to cleaning of courtyards and covered walkways, or cleaning of large size industrial floor surfaces and machinery.

For the simplest jobs we recommend Efco cold water high-pressure washers, designed for comfort and practicality. Models IP 1150 S, IP 1250 S, IP 1360 S, IP 1450 S, IP 1750 S, IP 1900 S and IPX 2000 S feature a generous standard equipment package in terms of accessories, making these units extremely versatile.

Hot water high-pressure washer model IP 3000 HS is the ideal solution for more intensive and regular cleaning activities. This model uses the maximum detergent power of hot water thanks to the vertical water heater with double spiral coil for rapid water heating. And the equipment is completed with internal components in stainless steel and brass, and sturdy piston pumps (also with control valves and pressure gauge).

Cold water

Hot water

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