Hot water high-pressure washers

Efco IP 2500 HS and IP 3000 HS high-pressure washer are perfect for cleaning large size surfaces (such as courtyards and covered walkways) and for cleaning industrial sites with large floor areas in which the cleaning power of hot water is needed.

On IP 3000 HS the standard outfit includes a spray gun with protection, fixed jet lance with detergent head, hose reel with 10 metres of high pressure hose, integrated detergent tank and diesel fuel tank, temperature control thermostat. The machine can also be equipped with a vast range of accessories to guarantee the utmost versatility of use.

The vertical hot water tank heats the water rapidly thanks to its double spiral coil. The water temperature can anyway be easily adjusted with the specific knobs that, together with the control panel and start button, offer the utmost ergonomic efficiency.
Starting is guaranteed in all conditions in which an electrical outlet is available, thanks to the “Easy Start” device.
The brass three-piston pump, which is flanged directly to the electric motor, is a guarantee of constant operation, long lasting reliability and the maximum performance through time.