Battery-powered lawnmowers

With its low noise output making it suitable for use in residential areas, the Efco Li 44 P cordless lawnmower can handle lawn sizes of up to 400 m² with a single battery (Bi 5,0 EF). Machine equipped with a double battery housing, making it possible to extend running time with up to two 5 Ah batteries to tackle larger mowing surface areas. LRi 44 P feature a steel deck, with centralised cutting height adjustment and a generously sized grass catcher.

Because this model is designed for home use, a high level of attention has been devoted to safety: the start keys are located in the battery housing to eliminate the risk of accidental starts – especially important when there may be children around. The Easy folding system allows the machine to be stored in the minimum space and also rapid deployment when it's needed. Finally, the 70 L fabric grass catcher features a full-bag indicator.

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