Battery-powered lawnmowers

Quiet running and therefore particularly suited to working in residential neighbourhoods, Efco battery-powered lawnmowers are the ideal allies for your lawn-tending tasks. Built on a steel deck, they have centralised controls for cutting height adjustment and a 70 L canvas grass catcher with bag full indicator.

The Efco LRi 44 P can cover areas up to 350 m² on a single battery (Bi 5.0 EF), while the double battery compartment enables longer run times with two 5 Ah batteries.

The Efco LRi 48 P is also equipped as standard with a mulching kit and side discharge hatch. The double battery compartment enables the use of two 5 Ah batteries, thereby increasing the mowing time for areas up to 500 m². And for traction-driven advancement, choose the LRi 44 T. Also the LRi 48 T model is also available with self-propelled drive, the perfect option if you work on sloping ground or have to contend with tough weeds.

Since these models are designed for home use, great attention has been devoted to safety: the start keys are located in the battery housing to eliminate the risk of accidental starts – especially important when there may be children around. The Easy folding system allows the machine to be stored in minimal space and rapidly redeployed when needed.