Rear discharge garden tractors

Efco's rear-discharge garden tractors are professional machines capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding operators. Equipped with a 320 l generously sized grass catcher, these machines pick up and discharge grass cuttings with ease, or alternatively function in mulching mode.

The steering wheel features compact geometry for an engaging driving experience, while the seat, which can be rapidly adapted without tools, allows optimal adjustment in accordance with the operator's stature for a driving position that is always comfortable.

The versatility of these garden tractors is guaranteed also by a towing hitch, for a lawn roller or trailer, and the large front bumper to enhance the machines’ ability to withstand accidental impacts without damage.

The tight turning radius allows the machine to easily negotiate complex trajectories around obstacles such as ornamental trees and bushes, without requiring multiple manoeuvres. In addition, the operator can easily the cutting blades at any time simply by pressing the electromagnetic clutch button on the dashboard.

The cutting height can be set at up to 7 different positions thanks to an ergonomic soft shift lever.