Self-propelled lawnmowers

To tackle large surface areas of up to 2,000 m² effortlessly, the choice should fall on a self-propelled lawnmower, capable of moving with ease also on difficult terrain or slightly sloping ground thanks especially to the single speed mechanical propulsion system. These Efco machines are equipped with devices and optionals to guarantee the highest possible performance levels without any loss of versatility or efficiency.

Certain models are specifically designed for the most demanding operators: a new cutting height adjustment system operated by a knob equipped with a practical button, combined with the adjustable handlebars and ditches and plant rows clearing operating function, mean that these lawnmowers can be used in any operating condition, also for prolonged periods. Moreover, the large wheels have been designed to work even on difficult terrain thanks to the reinforced tread.

Several models in the range are equipped with a plug to close the discharge chute to convert the operating mode to full mulching mode, a system that shreds the cuttings to a degree of fineness that makes them the perfect fertilizer to feed the lawn.
The COMFORT PLUS models can be equipped with a plastic grass catcher (electric models) or a plastic and fabric grass catcher (petrol engine models).