The best way of allowing the soil to breath

Selection Guide

Scarifying allows you to clear your lawn of surface debris composed of cutting residues, leaves and other organic material that tends to choke the grass over time. This cleaning operation, which should be carried out in the spring and autumn, allows moisture, air and nutrients to penetrate fully into the lawn and reach the roots of the grass. Using a properly designed scarifier will keep your lawn lush and healthy.

Efco offers scarifiers for home and professional use, with working widths from 38 to 50 cm. All models are equipped with height adjustment with memory so the machine can be set to the required height rapidly after each transport phase.

The compact scarifier in the catalogue (AG 38 B45), which is excellent when combined with the lawnmower for seasonal lawn maintenance operations, is suitable for lawn areas of up to 1000 m2.
The professional scarifiers, on the other hand,can be used on the hardest terrain, to remove weeds, moss and cutting residues with ease, thanks to the ample available engine power.

Compact scarifiers

AG 38 B45

Professional scarifiers

AG 40 S50

Professional scarifiers

AG 50 H60

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Technology and Comfort

Efco scarifiers are designed for use by demanding amateur gardeners and groundcare professionals.
Your grass will display healthy and vigorous growth thanks to the action of our scarifiers, which remove moss and weeds from the lawn surface to allow moisture, air and nutrients to reach the deeper strata of the soil.

Thanks to the rugged wheels with bearings, these scarifiers run smoothly on all types of ground surface. The reinforced steel deck allows the machines to be used even for the most demanding applications.

1. Perfect even on the hardest ground.
Thanks to the hardened steel spikes (floating, on model AG 50 H60)

2. Can be used on all types of terrain.
The sturdy wheels allow rapid travel (metal wheels for model AG 50 H60)

3. Reinforced steel body.
For even the most demanding applications

4. Constant performance and maximum power transmission. Thanks to Subaru and Honda overhead valve engines.

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5. Spike rotor mounted on heavy duty bearings.

6. Height adjustment system with memory.
To reposition the machine fast after each transport operation.

7. Compact storage configuration.
The handlebars can be folded by operating a practical lever control.

8. Collection bag (AG 40 S50)

Maintenance Guide

Properly executed maintenance of the scarifier means that your machine will always be in perfect working order. Follow these simple recommendations:

-     Check the condition of the spikes before each use of the machine: sharpen or replace the spikes if necessary;
-     Clean the scarifier immediately after use. Never clean with running water or with a high-pressure washer;
-     Empty and clean the collection bag;
-     Clean the scarifier rotor (spike roller) and the underside of the machine;
-     Remove dirt with a rag or brush.