Water Pumps

Practical and long lasting, these water pumps can handle very high flow rates

Selection Guide

Efco offers a complete range of self-priming and non self-priming water pumps, designed to meet all types of home and professional irrigation needs, building construction requirements and emptying duties.

Lightweight, practical and above all reliable, the entire range of Efco water pumps provides a high suction head/flow rate ratio that ensures versatility and exceptional efficiency in all situations, even when installed far from the water source.

While the self-priming water pumps are ideal for irrigation of gardens, small allotments and for use in the building construction sector, the non self-priming pumps are recommended when very high water flow rates must be handled.

Self-priming water pumps

MP 3000

Not self-priming water pumps

PC 1050

Self-priming water pumps

PA 1050

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Technology and comfort

Water pump applications range from the home to the professional sphere and from building activities to farming. Self-priming or non self-priming, these pumps are easy to handle but also incredibly rugged.

Featuring high flow rates, a steel crankshaft, piston with two rings and generously sized fuel tanks, the water pumps guarantee prolonged periods of operation and the maximum output without stopping. Both the self-priming and non self-priming versions offer the optimal suction head/flow rate ratio.

1. Optimal efficiency without stops.
High flow rates of the pumps and long operating times.

2. Plastic body.
For an exceptionally lightweight machine (MP 3000).

3. Impact protection.
Thanks to the tubular steel frame (PA 1050).

4. Long durability through time.
Aluminium pump body (PA 1050, PC 1050).

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5. Steel crankshaft and piston with two rings.

6. Large capacity fuel tanks.
Guaranteed long operating time without refueling.

7. Self-priming pumps.
Excellent suction head/flow rate ratio (MP 3000, PA 1050).

8. Non Self-Priming.
Excellent suction head/flow rate ratio (1050).

Maintenance guide

For the water pumps to operate correctly while retaining the optimal performance through time, they must be kept constantly serviced, with routine maintenance tasks and major servicing interventions whenever necessary. Maintenance tips:

-     Clean the air filter (steel mesh version) with petrol every 10 operating hours. After cleaning, dry the filter before refitting it. If your water pump has a foam or wadding air filter, clean with compressed air, shaking the filter to remove accumulated dust. In both cases, if the air filter shows signs of damage it must be replaced;
-     Check the fuel filter periodically. In the water pump with float-type carburettor the fuel filter is on the carburettor union and it must be cleaned with petrol; in water pumps with a diaphragm carburettor the fuel filter must be replaced when fouled.
-     Keep the spark plug clean at all times and check the electrode gap (0.5 mm): in the 4-stroke version check the oil level every 10 hours of use and change the oil after 50 hours.

With regard to major maintenance operations:

-     Every 300 operating hours, check the suction/discharge value;
-     At least once a year, inspect the diaphragms of the high-pressure water pump and replace if necessary;
-     Change the oil and check that the screws are properly tightened.