Self-priming water pumps

Extremely lightweight and reliable Efco self-priming water pumps (models MP 3000 and PA 1050) are compact machines that are ideal for irrigating gardens and small crop cultivations and they are also suitable for use in building works. Operating time is 1 hour with a full tank of fuel. There is a handy selector to adjust the throttle easily together with the On-Off switch at the top of the machine body.

Model MP 3000 is particularly quiet running: the vibration level is minimal thanks to the engine configuration and lower operating speed. Quick and easy starting under any condition is assured by the Primer device and new digital coil. Acceleration and the On-Off switch can be controlled from a simple selector located at the top of the machine. The steel frame, available on the 1,5’’ and 2’’ models, protects the machine body and facilitates transport.

In contrast, version PA 1050 is equipped with a heat treated crankshaft, guaranteed against rust, a float-type carburettor, double air filter, chrome-plated cylinder, and crankshaft and connecting rod in forged steel.