Professional Shredders

Designed for professional use for intensive clearing of grass, shoots, branches, low vegetation, scrub and stubble, Efco's professional shredders can negotiate all those obstacles that constitute an insurmountable barrier for conventional flail mowers, such as virgin land, road verges, steeply sloping terrain, brambles and undergrowth. The mowing quality is truly exceptional thanks to the professional cutting assembly with 38/46 Y flails, while the balance of the entire unit and its impact resistance are assured by reinforced and shielded bearings holding the cutting assembly rotor.

On both model DR 80 and on the DR 65 the release levers for the brakes and gearbox are ergonomically designed and grouped together for the utmost practicality. Also the handlebars are extremely ergonomic, with their height and sideways adjustment features to adapt perfectly to meet the operator's preference.