2023 Efco Catalogue

Announcing the Efco Catalogues for 2023

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The new year also heralds the arrival of the Efco 2023 catalogues: curious to know what's new?

Let's start with the MTTH 2400 pruning chainsaw. Balanced, ergonomic and comfortable, this model is designed for pruning and limbing plants, fruit trees and olive trees with less effort and fatigue.

Then there is the SAi 60 BOOST battery-powered blower, the updated version of our traditional battery-powered blower, which offers you all the power you need thanks to a handy boost button.

Meanwhile in our brushcutter line, you will find new models with DSH 3100 4-stroke engine, as well as the top models in the Efco range: the DS 5400 S, DS 5400 BOSS and DSF 5400. Our professional series is the outcome of years of research and innovation: it comprises machines developed with the most cutting-edge engineering solutions to guarantee you high performance 

A pruner, a self-propelled lawnmower with electric starter and new gardening wear will also be released during the year.

To check out the 2023 catalogue in detail, you can browse it below, or pick up a hard copy from authorised Efco stockists!


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