New blower SA 2500

Practical and light, for high performance

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The family of Efco blowers widens with the arrival of the new SA 2500 hand-held blower. Extremely light and comfortable, the SA 2500 blower is ideal for intense jobs in every season, allowing even less experienced users to operate with extreme ease and in all safety.

In addition, it is also environmentally friendly: thanks to its low emissions, it has a reduced environmental impact by meeting the Euro 5 regulations. Created to help both gardening enthusiasts and professionals in green maintenance, the SA 2500 blower is a powerful product, able to guarantee always impeccable work.

Hand-held blower

SA 2500

  • Power/Displacement 1.3 HP - 1.0 kW/25.4 cm³
  • Max air speed 70 m/sec
  • Dry weight, without blower tube 3.7 kg
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