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New professional petrol brushcutters

The ultimate in performance and reliability


The DS 5300 and DSF 5300 professional petrol brushcutters provide professional gardeners with guaranteed efficiency and strength for intensive long-term maintenance jobs.

They are available with rigid drive shaft, ideal for mowing large flat green areas, or with backpack-mounted engine, which is more suitable for clearing undergrowth, ditches and working on sloping terrain.

Thanks to the powerful Euro 2 engines, the new Efco devices deliver superior performance even on prolonged jobs, such as maintaining rural areas and clearing agricultural land.                                  

The Easy On and Always On devices make starting easier and less strenuous, while the safety guard and aluminium engine cover provide high strength and long-term durability.

In particular, model DS 5500 BOSS is equipped with a sophisticated anti-vibration system that significantly reduces vibration, plus an anti-wear insert that can be easily replaced by removing a small number of screws.

Finally, the quick release system (QRS) on the DSF 5300 version guarantees maximum safety by enabling the operator to unharness the backpack quickly in an emergency, thereby preventing any kind of injury.


DS 5300 S   DS 5300 T   DSF 5300   DS 5500 BOSS