Oil for engines

Perfect 2 and 4-stroke engine lubrication

For 2 stroke engines Efco recommends special PROSINT 2 EVO oil: specifically formulated to guarantee high performance, with superior lubricating capacity, also at high temperatures. Ideal for lubrication of competition and high-performance 2 stroke engines EUROSINT 2 EVO oil is made with 100% synthetic esters. Used at 2% concentration (50:1), this oil features high lubricant film resistance and excellent anti wear properties.

Highly refined SAE 30 grade mineral oil, specifically formulated and developed for water- and air-cooled 4 stroke engines designed for gardening sector applications. This mineral engine oil contains a special combination of additives that imparts excellent detergent / dispersant, antioxidant, anti-corrosive, and anti-wear properties.

Discover also our offering of lubricants for petrol engines.

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