Professional brushcutters

Efco professional brushcutters, lightweight and sturdy thanks to the magnesium cowling, are designed to handle major clearing work to remove grass, scrub, bushes and brushwood.

The high quality performance, also in dusty environments, is maintained constant by the steel crankshaft, the diamond machined piston with 2 rings and the paper air filter (in addition to the paper filter cleaner, DS 4000 model also has an anti-backflow element). Equipped with ergonomic handgrips and an adjustable professional harness, these machines have high torque engines that deliver a smooth power curve, also at low rpm.

Finally, DS 4000 model is equipped with the “EasyOn” device for simplified starting in all situations and, thanks to the new professional antivibration system, it assures the operator complete isolation from the transmission of vibrations.