AT 2063 mistblower

A versatile tool for multiple preventative and curative treatments.

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Spending too much energy on plant or crop maintenance? Don't worry, at Efco we have developed a solution to support you. We are talking about the AT 2063 mistblower, a high-performance and comfortable tool that can be used in both agricultural and urban environments.

Let's take a look at its features.

We have equipped the AT 2063 mistblower with an ULV kit, which enables you to adjust the delivery of sprayed liquids, plus a diffuser cone, which performs a similar function while the machine is in operation. That means you can easily adapt the outgoing flow according to the volume of crop to be treated.

To help you move around while using the product, we have incorporated an adjustable handle that facilitates the longitudinal and rotational movement of the telescopic blower tube, while also making it suitable for use in confined spaces.

The AT 2063 mistblower is designed with maximum comfort in mind: its anti-vibration technology dampens the machine’s oscillations, making your work easier even during extended tasks.

In addition to these advantages, a booster pump is also included, which increases the flow pressure to improve spraying distance and height.

Choose the best and watch your plants thrive!

You can purchase the AT 2063 mistblower from our authorised dealer.

Backpack mistblowers

AT 2063

  • Displacement 61.3 cm³
  • Liquid delivery rate 0.67 ÷ 5.15 L/min
  • Liquid tank capacity 16 L
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