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Although we mainly use them to prune plants and keep our gardens tidy, chainsaws and hedgetrimmers can be used very effectively for creative purposes, such as making do-it-yourself compositions or natural works of art. Let’s look at the most interesting cutting techniques and find out how you can practice them in your garden.


Chainsaw carving: when wood becomes art

Chainsaw carving involves turning wooden logs into sculptures using a chainsaw. This technique, which became widespread in the United States as early as the 1950s, makes it possible to carve wood very precisely into extremely realistic and expressive works of art, despite the coarseness of the working material. 


Begin by quickly sketching out the shape of your design on a big log or tree trunk, then refine the outline and tapering of the figures with the aid of small cutting and sanding tools.

Would you like to try sculpting wood too, but don’t know where to start? First of all, we advise you to equip yourself with a compact chainsaw which, being light and handy, will allow you to work on the details better. Since carving jobs can take several hours, it is better to opt for a model like the MT 3500 S which, due to its combined system of anti-vibration mounts and damper springs, reduces vibration and preserves the long-term operation of the engine components. Then get yourself a vice to hold the trunk in place and wear a pair of chain-resistant gloves to protect yourself from accidental contact with the chain during operation


The charm of topiary art

Hedges in the shape of animals, objects or people and shrubs with squared or geometric outlines. Topiary art is an art form that turns parks and gardens into open-air masterpieces.

Conceived in Ancient Rome, this practice involves the creative sculpting of greenery covered by specially designed metal frames, which help to shape the growth of leaves and branches. Like all landscaping activities, this aesthetic variation requires meticulous and constant maintenance.

To obtain satisfactory results, it is essential to trim the plants little and often, in order to preserve the desired structure without damaging the foliage.

To practice topiary in your garden, you will need metal topiary frames and an electric hedgetrimmer such as the HC 605 E or the HC 750 E. These lightweight and handy devices have laser-cut, diamond-ground blades that ensure flawless precision. Don’t forget to keep a pair of pruning shears handy: they will be essential for applying the finishing touches.

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