Compact chainsaws

Selection Guide

Efco's compact chainsaws are designed to handle duties around the home, including pruning, limbing or cutting of small and medium size trunks and, more generally, cutting of firewood.

The new design features the starting devices on the handgrip and visual representation of the steps to perform shown on the body of the machine, thus simplifying the starting and operating procedure to make it easily understandable also by inexpert users.

In MT 371 / MT 3710 and MT 410 / MT 4110 models the On-Off switch and choke are incorporated in a single multifunction lever for guaranteed practicality and ease of use. The Primer device draws fuel into the carburettor to facilitate cold starts, starts after refueling, and starting after long periods of disuse.

The combined system of antivibration devices and damper springs reduce the amount of vibration transmitted to the operator and protect the durability of engine components, including the carburettor and oil pump.

Model MT 3500 S is equipped with an inboard clutch with drum housing and brake band incorporated in the crankcase, to prevent the ingress of foreign bodies between the centrifugal weights and to ensure constantly perfect operation, and has the filter cover integrated in the engine cowling so that inspection and maintenance tasks can be carried out simply by removing 3 fixing screws.