Medium power chainsaws

The MT 451 / MT 4510, 147 and 152 / MT 5200 medium power chainsaws meet the needs of frequent and demanding home users and also more complex and continuous demands typical of professional users. The compact dimensions, versatility and excellent power-weight ratio guarantee optimal cutting performance in all types of applications, such as limbing, pruning and cutting of medium-size trunks.


Model MT 451 / MT 4510 incorporates the On-Off switch, choke and half-throttle lock button in a single multifunction lever for the maximum practicality of use. The laterally located chain tensioner facilitates chain adjustment procedures and simplifies maintenance to the maximum possible extent.

While the decompression valve, Primer and semi-automatic starter make for easy stating in all situations, the digital coil with electronic adjustment leads to reduced fuel consumption by simplifying the ignition phase.

A series of small but effective features that guarantee constant and optimal efficiency: piston with 2 rings, crankshaft and connecting rod in forged and machined steel, nickel plated needle roller bearings and cylinder: all aspects that combine to ensure that even the most intensive use of these machines does not produce any impairment of their excellent performance.