Chain-resistant trekking boots

Available from size 40 to size 47, Efco chain-resistant trekking boots are ideal for woodland and forestry duties, tree climbing and pruning activities. The boots are characterised by their low weight, comfort and absolute safety: in addition to steel toecaps, cut resistance is certified to EN ISO 17249 Class 2 (Category 3 PPE, with resistance to chain speed of 24 m/sec). With anti-piercing sole plate made of high strength fabric, 8-ply chain protection from the top of the foot up to the shin and on the sides, water-repellent leather upper, heavy-duty lacing with hooks and sole with deep channels, made of oil-resistant, anti-static, non-slip nitrile rubber, heat resistant up to 300°C, guaranteeing excellent grip for the maximum operating safety. The H2OUT version guarantees the maximum level of impermeability thanks to the “Tepor” membrane. Check out also the chain-resistant high boots for even greater comfort.