Backpack mistblowers

Excellent for use in the garden and also in small crop cultivations, plantations and nurseries, Efco backpack mistblowers are ideal for demanding users seeking the most advanced technical solutions.

With displacement of 60-80 cm³ and powerful and reliable petrol engines, these machines offer extended operating time and high efficiency. Carried in a backpack, these mistblowers are of limited weight to guarantee the maximum possible comfort during work operations.

Backpack mistblower model AT 800/AT 8000 can be fitted with a booster pump, which is useful when treating tall crops. The ULV kit also allows optimal atomisation of the sprayed liquids. The jet opening can be adjusted to match treatment requirements. In addition, the mistblower can be accessorised with the conversion kit for treatments with powder or small granulated products, and a double jet kit, both of which are simple to install.

The new AT 2063 backpack mistblower combines top-of-category performance with the utmost comfort and autonomy for the operator. The ergonomic design of this machine has been painstakingly developed: the backpack minimises oscillations and vibrations; the controls are readily accessible and the handle is adjustable in accordance with the type of crop to be sprayed. The jet is adjustable so the liquid can be delivered without excess or wastage.