Earth Augers

Earth augers are invaluable tools for boring holes in agricultural applications, for planting vines and trees, setting greenhouse supports and fences, and also in urban applications for street lighting works.

For small boring operations the ideal tools are the medium displacement earth augers (up to 50 cm3), such as Efco TR 1551 model with displacement of 50.2 cm3 and a single flute bit with diameter of between 8 and 20 cm. The ideal tool for one-operator jobs thanks to the commands all accessible with just one hand.

For deep and large diameter drillholes and for drilling into harder ground, calling for the presence of two operators, we recommend our professional earth augers with high displacement engine (up to 90 cm3). Efco professional earth augers are supplied as standard with an adapter so they can also use drill bits from 8 to 50 cm in diameter.