Rotary Tillers

For tillage of allotments, gardens and open fields with the minimum effort

Selection Guide

Cultivate an allotment, a large and lush garden or an open plot calls for commitment and dedication. The job of the rotary tiller is to facilitate soil preparation and subsequent cultivation. The Efco range definitely offers the most suitable tool for your requirements.

If you’re looking after a small or medium-size garden or allotment, we recommend opting for the MZ 2030 compact rotary tiller: easy manoeuvrable, lightweight and easy to use, this is the ideal machine for preparing seedbeds in loamy soil. In addition, thanks to the roller brushes it can also be used for cleaning duties.

Conversely, the mid-power rotary tillers are designed for soil preparation in allotments, gardens and plots of medium and large size. Equally compact and manoeuvrable, despite their high power, the Efco models can be conveniently employed also in small spaces or around low height plants.

Compact rotary tillers

MZ 2030

Medium power rotary tillers

MZ 2075 RK

Medium power rotary tillers

MZ 2075 RKS

Medium power rotary tillers

MZ 2098 RK

Medium power rotary tillers

MZ 2098 RKS

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Technology and comfort

Efco rotary tillers are easy to manoeuvre on any type of ground surface. Rugged and safe, these machines are designed for prolonged operation without any loss of performance. Resistant to impact and contact with stones, Efco rotary tillers are the ideal helpmate for gardeners, farmers and landscapers, and also for home users.

The models devoted to home users are equipped with 80 cm wide rotors and driven by overhead valve (OHV) engines with displacement of up to 200 cm³. The handlebars are height adjustable so they can be adapted to match the stature of the operator, and also adjustable laterally, making it possible to walk also alongside a crop row. Our rotary tillers facilitate your work in all situations.

There are various accessories available to use in conjunction with our rotary tillers and transform them into multipurpose machines for operations in allotments and gardens, including an adjustable furrower and metal wheels with tyres.

1. Reinforced transmission cover.
Maximum strength to withstand stones and accidental impact.

2. Facilitated working.
The front transport wheel can be lifted clear of the ground.

3. Optimal performance and limited fuel consumption.
OHV engines of the latest generation.

4. Ergonomic external gear shifter.
Readily accessible.

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5. Handlebars with lateral and height adjustment.
Allows operator to work alongside crop rows without walking over already tilled soil (MZ 2075, MZ 2098).

6. Towing hitch (MZ 2075, MZ 2098).

7. Transmission with gears in oil bath.
Strong and with limited maintenance requirements (MZ 2098).

8. Wide range of accessories.
To use the rotary tiller as a plough, scarifier, or rotary brush.

Maintenance Guide

Properly executed maintenance of your rotary tiller will allow you to exploit its potential to the full at all times. We recommend taking note of the following simple rules:

-     Every 6 months or 50 working hours change the engine oil;
-     Check the fuel filter. Replace the filter if it is damaged or excessively soiled;
-     Clean the air filter and replace it periodically;
-     Keep the cooling circuit clean and periodically clean or replace the spark plug;
-     Clean the cylinder fins periodically with compressed air or a brush;
-     Periodically oil the articulations, control cables and belt tensioner support pin;
-     Periodically check the condition of the blades and choose whether to proceed with sharpening or replacement;
-     Check the tightening torque of the threaded fasteners, especially those securing the rotor, at least once every season;
-     Check and adjust cables, tensioner and drive control.