Chainsaws and Pruners

Powerful, versatile and easy to use, a complete assortment to meet all operating requirements

Selection Guide

Selecting the right product is essential to get the best possible result, in line with the type and complexity of the work to be carried out.

The Efco range of chainsaws and pruners is composed of several models designed to comply with multiple requirements both in terms of performance and also intended use.

Suitable for home use, duties such as cutting firewood, minor pruning work in the garden and DIY activities, the electric chainsaws are easy to use and call for relatively limited maintenance.

The powerful and practical petrol engine chainsaws are designed to meet the demands of a broad range of users, from homeowners requiring frequent use to professionals.

Also the cordless battery-powered chainsaws are the ideal solution for duties around the home. In addition to the practicality, in this case users can also count on low noise levels, a characteristic that makes these tools particularly suitable for use in residential areas.

The compact and powerful professional pruning chainsaws are designed for cutting and pruning of medium size limbs, working from the ground or at heights.

For home users who need to use the tool for prolonged periods, Efco offers a range of compact chainsaws: especially suitable for limbing and pruning of small trees and for cutting tree trunks of small and medium diameter.

For more intensive operations in open spaces or around the farm, the medium power chainsaws provide an excellent power/weight ratio and exceptional cutting precision.

The professional chainsaws are suitable for felling and sectioning large size trees.


The telescopic pruner is recommended for cutting and limbing operations at height, without having to use ladders or other access solutions. Suitable also for work carried out on sloping or uneven terrain.

Electric chainsaws

MT 2000 E

Compact chainsaws

MT 371 / MT 3710

Compact chainsaws

MT 411 / MT 4110

Pruning chainsaws

MTT 2500

Pruning chainsaws

MTT 3600

Medium power chainsaws

MT 451 / MT 4510

Medium power chainsaws


Medium power chainsaws

152 / MT 5200

H series medium power chainsaws

MTH 510 / MTH 5100

H series medium power chainsaws

MTH 560 / MTH 5600

Telescopic pruners

PTX 2710

Professional chainsaws

MT 6510

Professional chainsaws


Professional chainsaws


Professional chainsaws

MT 7200

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Technology and Comfort

Thanks to their reduced consumption and high performance, Efco chainsaws and pruners are valid aids for pruning, felling, and limbing activities and also for DIY operations.

Smooth and constant engine torque combined with low fuel consumption guarantee the maximum efficiency also over prolonged operating time. All the machines are also equipped with the best safety equipment. The electric models are GS and IMQ certified.

Drilled piston.
The cylinder of model MT 4510 allows exhaust gas recirculation and is optimized to allow appreciable reductions of fuel consumption.

Zero effort with “EasyOn”.
To start the machine easily, even from cold (MT 3710, MT 4110, MT 4510, MTT 2500, MTT 3600).

Cold weather? There's a Primer!
Guaranteed starting in all weather conditions, available for many different models (MT 3500 S, MT 3710, MT 4110, MT 4510, 147, MT 5200, 156, 162, MTT 2500, MTT 3600).

Ergonomic ‘no tools’ system.
To tension the chain with ease (MT 2000 E).

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The switch that's always ready to start (MTT 2500, MTT 3600).

Clean clutch.
Unvarying performance through time thanks to the onboard clutch (MT 3500 S, MT 6510, MTT 2500, MTT 3600).

Fuel tank
With externally visible level; easy management of refueling intervals (MT 3710, MT 4110, MT 4510).

Aluminium for the oil pump.
Reduces minimum flow rate to zero and guarantees the maximum durability through time.

Maintenance Guide

Correct maintenance of your chainsaw is essential to ensure you can use to its best advantage over time. Follow these simple rules:

  • Every 10 hours of operation remove the cover and clean the air filter; change the filter if damaged or excessively soiled.
  • Check the condition of the fuel filter periodically.
  • Clean the cylinder fins periodically with a brush or a jet of compressed air.
  • Check and clean the spark plug periodically.
  • Keep a constant check on the electrodes gap.
  • Check correct operation of the chain safety stopping function.
  • Rotate the guide bar and check that the lubrication holes are free of obstructions.