The ideal helpmates for transporting materials over all types of terrain

Selection Guide

Rugged, compact, and manoeuvrable, transporters are the ideal machines for transporting bulky and heavy loads also over steep or uneven ground in the building and agricultural sectors.

All Efco transporters share the same basic characteristic: a very tight turning radius so they can move with easy in even the most confined spaces.

Efco's compact transporters, models TN 3400 H and TN 3400 K, are perfect for private transport of firewood or picked fruit, with capacity of up to 350 kg. To facilitate loading and transport operations the transporters feature an extendable loading deck.

Conversely, the professional transporter models TN 4500 and TN 5600 are equipped with wide tracks for a perfect grip also on difficult or steeply sloping terrain and telescoping and fully collapsible sides.

Compact transporters

TN 3400 K

Compact transporters

TN 3400 H

Professional transporters

TN 4500

Professional transporters

TN 5600

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Technology and comfort

Ideal for use in building construction and agriculture, Efco transporters are designed to carry bulky and heavy loads also over steep and uneven terrain.

Designed in compliance with the highest quality standards, these machines offer optimum performance in terms of load capacity, reliability through time, and safety. The load capacity ranges from 450 to 550 kg, allowing these machines to be used in the rural surroundings, in the garden and around the farm or on building sites.

1. Power take-off for application of accessories.

2. Expandable loading deck.
No problems even for the bulkiest transport tasks.

3. Tipping angle of up to 50°.

4. Perfect grip on any type of terrain.
Thanks to the wide tracks, for enhanced operator safety.

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5. Tight turning radius.
To move around building sites, greenhouses and vineyards with agility.

6. Correct load distribution and excellent grip on all terrain types.
Thanks to the rugged undercarriage with track tensioner sprocket

7. Metal rear protection.
To maximize operator safety.

8. Maximum stability.
Low centre of mass and rugged chassis with steel frame.

Maintenance Guide

Properly executed maintenance of the transporter means that your machine will always be in perfect working order. Below we give a few simple maintenance tips:

-     Always check the oil level and change the oil when necessary;
-     Periodically clean the air filter and change it if it becomes excessively fouled;
-     Keep the cooling circuit clean and periodically clean or replace the spark plug;
-     After the first 50 hours of use and thereafter every 100 hours, changethe transmission oil;
-     Inspect and clean the brakes assembly periodically;
-     Adjust the lateral half-shaft release levers and brakes;
-     Periodically check the track tension adjustment.