Garden tractors

Perfectly efficient, exceptional mobility and working times reduced to the minimum

Selection Guide

Efco offers four different garden tractor types, to be selected in accordance with the surface area of ground to be covered.

The Rider models, with the engine under the operator seat, are ideal for getting around spaces of up to 4,000 m², in gardens with a high density of plants, where grass clippings must be collected. These compact machines have engine power of up to 13 HP. Convertible for mulching operation, like the side-discharge garden tractors, which are suitable for spaces of up to 8,000 m². These tractors feature a tight turning radius so they can manoeuvre nimbly in restricted spaces, mowing large quantities of grass that is finely chopped and then distributed uniformly on the lawn.

The rear discharge garden tractors are recommended for areas of up to 9,000 m². These tractors combine strength and reliability with elevated cutting and loading capabilities so they are perfect also for maintenance of large gardens, parks and public open spaces. Available cutting widths are 84, 92, 102 and 122 cm with hydrostatic transmission and cutter blades engagement with an electromagnetic clutch. In addition, the availability of mulching operating mode makes these machines ideal for the most demanding operators.

The range is completed by the professional all-terrain garden tractors capable of managing areas up to 10,000 m² and designed for clearing duties in uncultivated areas and areas of dense vegetation, on rough terrain and on slopes.

Side discharge garden tractors

EF 98 L/14,5 K

Rear discharge garden tractors

EF 84/14,5 K

Rear discharge garden tractors

EF 92/13 H

Side discharge garden tractors

EF 108 L/18,5

Rear discharge garden tractors

EF 93/16 K

Rear discharge garden tractors

EF 93/16,5

Rear discharge garden tractors

EF 103/16 K

Rear discharge garden tractors

EF 103/21

Rear discharge garden tractors

EF 103/22 V

Rear discharge garden tractors

EF 123/22 V

Rear discharge garden tractors

EF 106/16 K H

Rear discharge garden tractors

EF 106/22 H

Professional all-terrain garden tractors


Professional all-terrain garden tractors


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Technology and Comfort

Large size gardens, parks and public spaces can be easily managed by Efco garden tractors: high performance machines that allow you to move around with agility in the proximity of trees and bushes. Whether side discharge models or rear discharge and grass collecting versions, all machines in the range are equipped with hydrostatic transmission so that stopping/starting and travel speed can be controlled with a single pedal. Some models can be converted for munching operation: the grass cuttings remain in circulation under the deck where they are repeatedly chopped until being deposited on the lawn, where they are absorbed as valuable nutrients.

For a versatile cutting system that includes mulching, collection, side discharge and, as an optional, side rear deflector (ZEPHYR).

Engagement of the electromagnetic clutch - with dashboard button - rapidly and noiselessly (ZEPHYR).

Minimum storage dimensions thanks to vertical tilting (ZEPHYR).

Double pedal.
To change speed and direction of travel on side-discharge garden tractors.

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110 cm mowing deck with three 6-blade mulching rotors.
Grass and shrubs are perfectly shredded.

103/22 V and 123/22 V models
The LCD display provides quick and intuitive consultation of the main information of the garden tractor, including working hours, battery voltage, and fuel level.

Maximum traction thanks to the self-locking differential (TUAREG).

“Change Over” system.
To switch from collection mode to mulching mode (106 models).

Maintenance Guide

Correct maintenance of your garden tractor is essential to keep its properties and capabilities intact over time. Follow these simple tips:
-     check fixing and sharpness of the blade every 25 working hours;
-     check adjustment of the brake, drive system, condition of drive belts and engagement of the cutting blade every 20 working hours: if you find signs of wear, contact a service centre;
-     periodically inspect all mechanical fastenings and general lubrication;
-     after the first 10 hours of work check the oil level and change the oil. Thereafter, repeat this operation at intervals of 50 working hours;
-     inspect the air filter and fuel filter and replace if excessively dirty;
-     check the inflation pressure of the tyres regularly.