To choose the right brushcutter it's important to have a clear idea of the activities to be carried out. Our range includes machines suitable for finishing the lawn on small and flat plots of land and professional units that are ideal for tackling large size areas.

To tackle linear and smaller areas, such as a private garden, we recommend the most practical and lightweight machines with limited power output. Electric brushcutters are a valid solution to clean the grassed area around the home or to trim the borders of the lawn, thanks to their combination of high performance and lasting reliability.

Recommended for all types of users, Efco petrol engine brushcutters will satisfy even the most exacting requirements, with a range of models that makes it possible to tackle all types of activities, from jobs around the home to professional applications in woodlands or around the farm. All models are complete with the Primer device that draws fuel into the carburettor to facilitate engine starting with a reduced number of rope pulls.

The multifunction brushcutters make it possible to incorporate several tools in one: by purchasing the required accessories separately, these machines can be easily converted into hedgetrimmers, pruners and blowers. A single solution for optimal management of open spaces around the home, in rural areas or woodlands, optimising times and effort.

Efco 4-stroke engine brushcutters are characterised by their elevated performance, the maximum operating economy and superior level of comfort. The 360° rotatable engine makes it possible to work with ease in any position, while the high torque output guarantees correct operation also at low speeds. The aluminium shroud is a guarantee of exceptional resistance through time; the 7 mm internal drive shaft assures consistent cutting quality. In addition to the low maintenance costs, 4-stroke engine brushcutters offer very low oil consumption and savings of fuel usage of up to 50%. These are ideal tools for those who insist on maintaining the maximum environmental respect, thanks to the drastic reduction in uncombusted hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and exhaust gas, both for professionals and also amateur gardeners. Super quiet operation with low levels of vibration, these easy to start machines run on normal petrol rather than petrol-oil mixtures.

Electric motor or petrol engine powered, the lightweight hedgetrimmers are valuable tools for occasional brushcutting jobs and for taking care of small green spaces.

The medium power brushcutters are the optimal compromise when working on uneven terrain or larger surface areas; these machines are capable of performing more or less complex operations depending on the chosen power level: displacements up to 35 cm³ are ideal for lawn finishing and grass cutting, while above 35 cm³ the machines become powerful brushcutters, suitable for use on terrain with elevated level differences or in the presence brushwood and woodland undergrowth.

For sector professionals engaged in intensive grass cutting and clearing of scrub and brushwood, Efco has designed the range of professional brushcutters, with characteristics that guarantee optimal performance through time.

For users who need to retain absolute freedom of movement, when working on escarpments and in undergrowth or on steep and uneven terrain, Efco offers backpack brushcutters: ergonomic and practical, with the maximum precision of cutting performance.