Blowers and Vacuum cleaners

Easy cleaning for areas around the home and in the garden

Selection Guide

Blowers and vacuum cleaners are the ideal tools for people who need to clear leaves and trash from flower beds, pavements and large spaces in rural or urban environments and gather fruit such as olives and hazelnuts. Efco blowers and vacuum cleaners, in fact, are designed to meet the needs of gardeners and home users and also of groundcare professionals and public space maintenance workers.

The battery-powered blower is equipped with an ergonomic handle, means a comfortable grip and a perfectly balanced tool. Furthermore the speed regulator allows the air flow to be adjusted to suit the type of duties to be tackled.

Hand-held blowers and vacuum cleaners are designed for the management of small size areas and for non-professional applications: clearing small gardens from leaves, trash or grass cuttings.
In contrast, backpack blowers and vacuum cleaners are designed to tackle more demanding situations such as large-scale cleaning activities in rural or urban spaces.

All models are characterised by their reduced noise and vibration levels.

Battery-powered Blowers

SAi 60

Hand-held Blowers and Vacuum cleaners

SA 3000

Backpack blowers

SA 2062

Backpack blowers

SA 9000

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Technology and comfort

Powerful and effective, Efco blowers and vacuum cleaners remove leaves, shrubs and all types of debris from any type of surface with ease. The hand-held models are designed for light use, such as in domestic surroundings; the backpack models are ideal for professionals and public space maintenance personnel.

Lightweight, easy to use and transport, quiet and compact, these power tools limit vibration to the maximum extent thanks to the use of a professional antivibration system and optimal ergonomic structural design.

The shredder with 4 steel blades, supplied as part of the standard equipment, minimises the volume of collected material in the bag, thus maximising continuous working time.

1. “VibCut” antivibration system.
4 steel spring dampers isolate the operator from vibration transmitted by the machine.

2. Secure grip.
Insulated high-comfort handle.

3. Reduced collection volume.
With the shredder knife with 4 steel blades.

4. High engine cooling capacity.
With dual finned fan

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5. Paper air filter.
Higher capacity and larger filter surface area, fast maintenance.

6. Smooth operation and improved cooling.
Thanks to the digital coil with variable advance and flywheel with new fin profile.

7. Ergonomic backpack.
A comfortable supporting surface to guarantee low vibration levels (SA 2062).

8. Constant control of the air jet.
Handle with throttle on blower tube.

Maintenance Guide

The blower/vacuum cleaner requires regular properly executed maintenance operations. Observe these simple maintenance tips:

  • Clean the air filter every 10 operating hours; shake the filter thoroughly to remove the dust. If the filter is damaged or worn, it should preferably be replaced;
  • Check the condition of the fuel filter periodically; if soiled excessively, discard and fit a replacement;
  • Use a brush or compressed air to clean the cylinder fins on a regular basis;
  • Clean the spark plug periodically and check the electrodes gap (0.5 mm) with the same frequency;
  • Inspect the condition of the exhaust silencer. On the 62 cm³ version, remove the silencer flame-trap every 30/40 duty hours and clean it to remove carbon residues.