Grass cutting activities may concern either home users or groundcare professionals. In both cases it is good practice to use a machine that assures high precision and allows prolonged use through time.

Choosing the right tool calls for several analytical considerations, including the type and size of the grassed area to be cut and the choice of machine power source: petrol or mains electric.

Several lawnmower models are available for periodic grass cutting duties in home gardens.

The electric lawnmowers with plastic or steel deck are quiet and compact, idea for cutting lawns of up to 800 m² in size. Cutting widths are from 30 to 46 cm and their easy handling makes these models perfect for medium difficulty jobs.

Conversely, we recommend a combustion engine model with cutting width from 40 to 55 cm for lawn size of up to 2,000 m².

Cordless battery-powered lawnmowers are ideal for garden maintenance at any time of the day in absolute freedom: thanks to the interchangeable batteries there are no cables to get in the way and also sound emissions are reduced to the minimum.

The garden tractors are the smart solution for the most demanding professionals responsible for large surface areas, seeking advanced cutting performance combined absolute with a truly enjoyable driving experience.

The push lawnmowers make it possible to work on medium size plots of with surface are below 1400 m². The lawnmowers feature mulching systems for fine chopping of the cuttings to provide a natural fertilizer for the soil.

Self-propelled lawnmowers are perfect for daily maintenance of large lawns on difficult or slightly sloping terrain. Resistant to impact and corrosion, many of the models in the catalogue are equipped with mulching and lateral discharge functions to allow cutting alongside ditches or rows of plants.

For gardens of 2,000 m² or more, check out the professional models: In this case, the lawnmowers feature cutting width from 40 to 55 cm, with generous loading capacity, self-propulsion and reliable performance. Associated with optimised productivity, these characteristics greatly reduce working times.