Compact rotary tillers

Compact, manoeuvrable and versatile

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The Efco MZ 2030 compact rotary tiller is designed for home users who need to periodically look after small vegetable plots and gardens with activities such as preparation of seedbeds, creation of furrows for planting flowers, small plants and vegetables, and also for aeration and clearing of borders.

The blades are installed without the use of tools and they are easily mounted to the shaft to allow adjustments in working width. The standard model can be supplied with a set of 4 blades for working width of 30 cm with independent rotors. This makes it possible to work with just 2 blades and limit the working width to just 15 cm in order to till the ground between closely spaced crop rows.

On/off control integrated in the handgrip along with the throttle lever for maximum accessibility and convenience.

Thanks to the 180° reversible handlebars, making it possible to push the machine, and the use of roller brushes, the MZ 2030 rotary tiller can clear dust, cutting residues and trash from patios, pavements, covered walkways and steps.

In addition, the following accessories are also available: a set of 4 rotors specifically designed to work on soft (or pre-tilled) soil; spike roller to remove moss and weeds from grassed surfaces; a ploughshare to work the soil in depth and prepare it for tillage.

Compact rotary tillers

MZ 2030

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