Medium power rotary tillers

Compact and lightweight, the medium power rotary tillers are designed to provide assistance for the care and maintenance of allotments, gardens and plots of medium size, and also smaller spaces and around low height plants. Manoeuvrable, lightweight and easy to use, without compromise in terms of quality.

The MZ 2075 RKS rotary tiller is designed for home users who need to prepare soft soils for sowing, and for tilling and weeding a small domestic vegetable garden.
Easy to use thanks to the practical multifunction lever that combines throttle and on/off switch, this model is equipped with a powerful engine and robust knives that can be set at widths of up to 82 cm. The belt transmission system with chain and oil bath lubrication guarantees the utmost reliability, while the reinforced chain guard and steel structure protect the transmission from damage caused by stones and impact.  The ergonomic levers mean guaranteed comfort during use.

The model for intensive duties (MZ 2098 RKS) is designed for medium-size allotments, gardens and plots. The perfect blend of manoeuvrability, strength and superior performance, these are compact machines suitable for working also in small spaces or in the proximity of low height plants.
The handlebars can be adjusted in all positions, both sideways and in height, to facilitate use of the machine on all types of terrain. The ergonomic controls, all located within easy reach, ensure constant control of the machine, also when it is moving. A reverse gear is provided to facilitate manoeuvres and repositioning of the machine. The transport wheel, which can be folded upwards to facilitate tilling operations, is useful when the machine must be transported.