Important news on the 2018 Efco catalogue

Lots of new references, plus easier and quicker consultation

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With the new year, the Efco catalogue has a new look, favouring a broader product offering and greater ease of use.

References relating to Products and Accessories are combined in a single catalogue, for ease of consultation. In addition, to facilitate the selection of the machine best suited to individual needs, customized search procedures  have been introduced, based on environment (home, fields, woodland, urban), on type of work (e.g. pruning, mowing, treatments and watering) and on specific activities (e.g. chopping timber for wood fires, lopping, pruning, etc.).

In the case of products, there are many new features: most notably, the renewal of the  entire range of lawnmowerselectric, push-type and self-propelled — with the focus in particular on styling and the development of an innovative new wheel design. The range of brushcutters (from 22 to 55 cc) is expanded with the introduction of new models, namely lightweight, multifunction with petrol engine, and professional with petrol engine. And a special mention for all backpack models, which are characterized by a strong family feeling visually, and by the adoption of solutions designed specifically to improve operator performance and comfort.

During the course of the year, Efco will also be presenting new models of  petrol engine chainsaws in the low and medium power range (35 to 42 cc), petrol engine hedgetrimmers with shaft, rotary tillers and high pressure washers. Among the top products on the way in 2018 are the new AT 900 mistblower and the SA 9000 leaf blower.

Efco - Product Catalogue 2018

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