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The Efco family is... expanding! New power generators have been added to our product ranges, expanding our comprehensive offering in support of your green activities.

We are delighted to present this great new lineup, which we have designed for use in the absence of mains power, a common problem when working outdoors or travelling. But that's not all!

In addition to seeing you through power outages and emergency situations, these products can help you out in other circumstances too. Take boating and caravanning, for example. These are situations in which you may require high voltage in remote areas, or in places where noise needs to be kept to a minimum, such as on campsites.

In response to each of these scenarios we have developed two generator product categories. Let's check them out!

The first series consists of open frame generators with power ratings from 2 to 6 kW, which have been designed to supply constant voltage to connected devices. Thanks to the Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) system and generously sized fuel tank, you can enjoy long running times without worrying about power interruptions. The models include: PGE 25 DCS, PGE 35 DCS, PGE 65 DCS, PGE 65E DCS and PGE 80E-3 DCS.

The second series with inverter technology is the ideal choice for home and leisure needs. Thanks to their compact and lightweight design combined with a soundproof muffler to minimise noise emissions, the PGE 23i S and PGE 48i S models offer exceptional performance. With a sturdy frame and waterproof coating, these generators ensure stability, power quality and more efficient consumption. They are perfect for powering sensitive electronic devices such as computers, televisions and digital equipment.

Don't be caught unprepared again!

Power generators up to 3 kW


  • Engine make/model K 825 HG OHV
  • Displacement 196 cm³
  • Runtime (50% power) 15 hours
  • Power generators up to 3 kW

    PGE 35 DCS

  • Engine make/model K 850 HG OHV
  • Displacement 212 cmᵌ
  • Runtime (50% power) 15 hours
  • Power generators up to 6 kW

    PGE 65 DCS

  • Engine make/model K 1200 HG OHV
  • Displacement 389 cm³
  • Runtime (50% power) 9 hours
  • Power generators up to 6 kW

    PGE 65E DCS

  • Engine make/model K 1200 HG OHV
  • Displacement 389 cm³
  • Runtime (50% power) 9 hours
  • Power generators up to 6 kW

    PGE 80E-3 DCS

  • Engine make/model K 1250 HG OHV
  • Displacement 420 cm³
  • Runtime (50% power) 8 hours
  • Inverter power generators

    PGE 23i S

  • Engine make/model K 300 HG OHV
  • Displacement 79 cm³
  • Runtime (50% power) 6.3 hours
  • Inverter power generators

    PGE 48i S

  • Engine make/model K 875 HG OHV
  • Displacement 224 cm³
  • Runtime (50% power) 6.5 hours
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