Greater peace of mind and efficiency thanks to technical assistance.

Mowing the lawn, clearing up grass and twigs, trimming hedges or thinning the foliage of trees, watering, pruning, these are important jobs that need to be done, if gardens or outdoor areas are to look good and stay healthy, but they can also be of value simply as enjoyable pastimes for lovers of greenery and life in the open air.
Enjoyable, thanks not least to the high standards offered by all Efco machines in terms of performance, comfort and safety. A machine must be used correctly and properly maintained if it is to retain its original quality, add value to the work of the operator and deliver the expected service life and long-term reliability. Accordingly, the careful observance of a few simple guidelines will ensure you continue to derive maximum satisfaction from your machine.

  • Contact only an Efco authorized dealer when making a purchase: you will be advised as to which is the best machine for your needs, told about correct and safe operating procedures, and instructed how to prepare it for first time use.
  • Every machine is accompanied by an Operator Instruction Book included in the packaging, which you will receive at the moment of purchase: be sure to read the book carefully before use.
  • Have your product checked over periodically by an Efco authorized dealer: this will ensure the machine always stays in tip-top condition and matches up fully to your expectations.
  • Always use original spare parts and accessories, which your Efco authorized dealer will be able to supply.