Backpack sprayers

For targeted treatments without wastage

Selection Guide

For all your irrigation operations it's essential to choose the right sprayer to meet your needs without costly wastage and without harming vegetation and crops.

The Efco backpack sprayer (IS 2026) guarantees prolonged working times thanks to the generously sized tank and low fuel consumption engine. The pump is constructed in brass for optimal corrosion resistance. Ideal for targeted and selective spraying of vegetation and crops, thanks to the facility to adjust jet pressure and atomisation level. Engine starting is facilitated by the Primer and Lift Starter devices.

The frame, which features a large size soft cushion and straps in breathable material, makes for exceptional operator comfort.

Backpack sprayers

IS 2026

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Technology and comfort

Ideal for targeted and selective treatments without wastage of effort or chemicals, Efco's backpack sprayers offer the facility to adjust jet pressure and atomisation fineness by means of two practical knobs.

The sprayers are very easy to start, thanks to the Primer and Lift Starter devices.

They can also be equipped with multijet lances having from 1 to 5 holes, for differentiated treatments on large size crops or in situations in which different levels of pressurisation and atomisation are required.

The 670mm extension is invaluable for targeted treatments in hard-to-reach positions. You can use more than one extension at the same time.

1. Adjustable pressure.
With practical knob, up to 35 bar

2. Simplified starting.
With Lift Starter device

3. Adjustable jet atomisation.

4. Tank with breather.
No product leakage, even accidental.

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5. Easy maintenance.
Facilitated access to the air filter and spark plug.

6. Soft frame padding.
Breathable material for the utmost comfort.

7. Treatments of large size crops.
Choosing between nozzles with 2, 3 or 4 holes.

Maintenance Guide

Correct maintenance of the backpack sprayer will help you preserve its capabilities and reliability through time. Follow these few simple rules:

-     Inspect the air filter and replace if clogged or damaged;
-     Check the condition of the fuel filter periodically; if excessively fouled, discard and fit a replacement;
-     Clean the cylinder fins periodically with a brush and compressed air jet and make sure they are clean and unobstructed;
-     Clean the spark plug periodically and check the electrode gap (0.5 mm).