Petrol engine hedgetrimmers

Combination of low weight, power and comfort

Selection Guide

Efco petrol engine hedgetrimmers can deal with hedges of any type, even very large and with extremely dense vegetation. The steel blades are a guarantee of the maximum productivity with minimum effort, and optimal performance even after prolonged use.

High quality aluminium gearbox and handle with 4-spring antivibration system make for exceptionally comfortable use thanks to minimal transmission of vibration. Primer system for cold starting; digital coil with electronic revs limiter for unchanging engine output constant during use.

The double-blade models equipped with 180° swivel handle allows the tool to be set at 5 intermediate positions and enables cutting even alongside walls.

Professional hedgetrimmers

TG 2650 XP

Professional hedgetrimmers

TG 2800 XP

Professional hedgetrimmers

TGS 2800 XP

Shaft hedgetrimmers

DS 2400 H

Shaft hedgetrimmers

DS 2400 HL

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