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Emak in short

The green of Emak is an assurance of quality, innovation and completeness. Because Emak is a leading company that always looks forward, anticipates solutions and raises standards.

The green of Emak is a green produced with care and respect, passion and design, crafted in harmony with nature and characterised by cutting-edge technology. That's why Emak, through its Efco, Oleo-Mac, Bertolini and Nibbi brands, represents a benchmark for professionals and hobbyists in lawn and garden maintenance. In every single aspect.

In fact, the firm’s product range includes over 250 models designed for all types of activity. Chain saws, brushcutters, lawnmowers, garden tractors, hedgetrimmers, rotary tillers, rotary cultivators, cutterbar mowers, transporters and much more besides, for jobs of varying intensity, power and frequency.

There's an Emak for everyone.


A group with the right numbers

4 commercial brands, 4 production units, 8 branches, 135 distributors, 85 countries covered, 22,000 retail outlets served, 22 product families, more than 250 models.

Each of these numbers has its own story and development but taken together they provide a general overview of a company that continues to grow and expand. In terms of both its offering and its reference market.

In fact, each year Emak adds new models to its range and strengthens its market presence on the five continents. The Emak brand is a well-established and reputed international company, a benchmark in petrol engine technology and its applications in the sector.

Numerous accolades awarded by leading international institutes demonstrate and reiterate the quality and excellence of the company’s designs.


Certified awareness

High-quality production, respect for people and environmental protection. These three guiding values inform the philosophy of Emak and are the cornerstones on which the company has built its identity. The certifications we have been awarded in the various sectors are the natural consequence of our approach to business.

A voluntary commitment to excellence that has made Emak the company to simultaneously hold ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation. Far from representing an arrival point, these certifications constitute the foundation on which to continue building a company that is even stronger and even more sensitive to the surrounding world. An added stimulus to confirm and reiterate our commitment to a more balanced world founded on mutual respect.


The geography of Emak

Emak is moving in a global market. The firm’s 4 production units (2 in Italy and 2 in China) manufacture models that are shipped to distributors all over the world. Indeed the company’s strategy throughout the years has been to affirm and consolidate its market presence in a direct way. This led to the creation of a solid and structured sales network with branches in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, China and Brazil.

These strategic markets account for over half of the Group’s total turnover, with over 5000 retailers served. This model is expanding in an increasingly global network that finds sales outlets in every part of the world, thanks to the product quality and innovation that the company is famous for on every continent.

A continuous drive to evolve that is also reflected in the group’s management, by means of increasingly sophisticated and functional ICT platforms that keep all the points of the Emak globe united, forming a single large organisation from many different setups.