The tractor is the fundamental helper for the care of large gardens, parks and public green areas. In these cases, having an agile and powerful vehicle can make the difference.

Efco tractors are robust and extremely easy to handle, equipped with agile steering systems that allow you to make even very tight turns. The ease of maneuvering near plants and shrubs allows for greater precision and speed in finishing.

They are also able to adapt their movement based on the type of terrain. Equipped with hydrostatic transmission which allows you to manage the speed by operating a pedal, without the need to stop or with mechanical lever transmission.

The different types of engine, single-cylinder or twin-cylinder, offer different powers based on the models, so as to always make them suitable for the extension and type of surface you intend to cut.

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Designed for small and medium surfaces, up to 4,000 m². Compact and easy to handle (they have the engine in the rear position) they allow you to move easily and precisely in gardens with plants or in the presence of obstacles.

Side discharge

Ideal for surfaces of up to 8,000 m², they are characterized by greater construction simplicity as they do not collect grass but simply cut it or chop it using the mulching function.

Rear discharge

They allow you to collect grass using large collection baskets; having cutting widths of up to 125 cm and also being powered by twin-cylinder engines, they can be used on gardens of up to 9,000 m².

Professional all-terrain

Designed for cleaning uncultivated areas with dense vegetation, rough or sloping terrain when grass collection is not necessary. Also available with 4x4 transmission, they can easily cover surfaces of up to 10,000 m².

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