2022 Efco Catalogue

Efco amplia la sua offerta con alcune importanti novità: scoprile in anteprima!

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Efco renews its desire for evolution and innovation in 2022. A catalogue full of new products: the new DSH 5000 brushcutters, featuring a high level of power, and the LR 44 lawn mowers of the COMFORT series, easy to handle and use, the perfect solution for private users dealing with the maintenance of small areas.

The range of shredders has also been extended with the DR 50 K800H, a compact and high-performance model, and the family of sprayers with the AT 2063 model.

The news does not end here: at the end of the catalogue there is a new section of Emak engines, valid solutions for the renewal of obsolete or no longer working engines. The latter have been developed to meet the latest standards of comfort and ease of use.

Discover all Efco news by browsing the catalogue directly online!

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