New compact chainsaws from Efco: more reliable than ever

Designed for small jobs in the countryside and garden

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Efco has expanded its MTH range of petrol engine chainsaws with 2 new compact petrol-powered models that deliver excellent performance at an affordable price. Complementing the existing medium-power models in the range, the new MTH 400 and MTH 4000 compact chainsaws are ideal for gardening and small cultivation tasks.


Featuring a 35 and 41 cm guide bar and an anti-vibration system that ensures good ergonomics, the MTH 400 and MTH 4000 are equipped with a 1.7 kW 2-stroke engine, available both in the Euro 5 version with catalytic converter for the European market, and in the version compliant with non-EU regulations.


The engine in the new Efco compact chainsaws is tough and guarantees sustained long-term performance thanks to a series of design features: a piston with elastic segments, nickel-coated cylinder, roller cages, and a steel shaft and connecting rod. Moreover, they can even be used at sub-zero temperatures with the anti-ice system, which prevents ice build-up in the carburettor.


The 2-stroke engine in the MTH 400 and MTH 4000 chainsaws starts even faster when cold due to the primer and single multi-function lever, which acts as an on/off switch, starter and semi-acceleration control. The easy starting system also reduces the possibility of kickback.


Thanks to the nylon filter with large filtration surface filter and the filter cover—which can be opened simply using a knob, without removing the cover or using toolsmaintaining the new Efco compact chainsaws is even easier. The oil pump is automatic and adjustable for calibrating the oil flow rate according to the guide bar/chain combination and type of task, while the lateral chain tensioner facilitates fine-tuning of the chain itself.

Compact chainsaws

MTH 400 / MTH 4000

  • Power/Displacement 2.3 HP - 1.7 kW/38.9 cm³
  • Bar length (nose) 35-41 cm, 14''-16''
  • Dry weight without bar and chain 4.5 Kg

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