Robot lawnmowers

Selection Guide

If the garden size is no greater than 1,200 m² and if you're seeking a solution that frees you from obligations and difficulties, then Efco's robotmowers are precisely what you need. These robotic lawnmowers provide optimal cutting results even in the presence of a large number of obstacles and highly irregularly shaped lawn surfaces.

SIRIUS 700 and SIRIUS 1200 are easy to install, with a series of steps to be carried out just once. The control area with backlit LCD with 8 buttons is intuitive and easy to use. Cutting height can be adjusted to 5 different positions on both models.

SIRIUS 700 is the ideal choice for lawns of up to 700 m². The low weight and compact shape of this machine allow it to reach even the most impenetrable areas.

Conversely, SIRIUS 1200 is the ideal choice for lawns of up to 1200 m². This machine is perfectly reliable in all weather conditions because it is equipped with a rain sensor that sets it to stand-by mode when required. The powerful propulsion motors with brushless technology and the rubber-tyred wheels allow the mower to work on gradients of up to 35%.