The new range of battery-powered products for gardening

Oleo-Mac performance and reliability without power cords, exhaust fumes and noise

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The new Efco battery-powered range for gardening enthusiasts is practical, quiet running and environmentally-friendly. Ergonomic, with no power cord, exhaust fumes or noise, the new products offer performance comparable to those of fuel-powered tools, but are even more comfortable to use.

Efco supplies batteries in two interchangeable versions: Bi 2.5 EF (2.5 Ah) and Bi 5.0 EF (5.0 Ah). Durable and functional, they deliver full power until the very end of the charge and can be replenished with their own CRG battery charger. The batteries are interchangeable and compatible with all the tools in the range.

Lightweight and powerful, the DSi 30 battery-powered brushcutter has a 30 cm cutting diameter and 2 mm low-noise line. The Load&Go head, which can be reloaded in about 20 seconds without the aid of tools, makes it very easy to use.

Offering continuous operation for up to two hours, the TGi 45 battery-powered hedgetrimmer is equipped with high-quality, double-edged, laser-treated blades for accurate cutting without damaging vegetation.

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Battery-powered brushcutters

DSi 30

  • Grip single, adjustable
  • Cutting components 103 mm dia. Load&Go line head with 2 mm dia. nylon line
  • Runtime 2.5 Ah: 30' light use, 2.5 Ah: 20' intensive use, 5.0 Ah: 60' light use, 5.0 Ah: 40' intensive use

Battery-powered hedgetrimmers

TGi 45

  • Blade type double
  • Blade length 450 mm
  • Runtime 2.5 Ah: 60' light use, 2.5 Ah: 45' intensive use, 5.0 Ah: 120' light use, 5.0 Ah: 90' intensive use

Batteries and Chargers

Bi 2,5 EF

  • Charging time 110 min
  • Voltage 40 V
  • Current 2.5 Ah

Batteries and Chargers

Bi 5,0 EF

  • Charging time 220 min
  • Voltage 40 V
  • Current 5,0 Ah

Batteries and Chargers

CRG Batteries Charger

  • Voltage 40 V

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